At Cedes Car Care Centre Sdn Bhd, we are committed to care for your cars and service it to the utmost best. Should your car need repairing, our experienced team are ready to take on the challenge. Having our company mainly servicing and repairing Mercedes Benz, BMW, Honda, Audi, Volkswagen, Toyota, Perodua, Proton cars and other branded cars ensures that we are focused on giving you the satisfaction you deserved.

The parts and components for replacement are all original branded items which are imported from the country of origin. we guarantee that the quality and durability of the parts and components are examine and approved before being used in service and maintenance of your car. Parts and components are stored in a moisture-less/dry room in order to retain the quality before being used.



Engine Diagnosis, ECU troubleshooting, Diagnosis programming, electronic system checking for all high tech cars, experience and well trained technicians.

Automatic Transmission System


Automatic transmission system overhaul job, professional skill jobs.

Body works

  • Windscreen replacement for all type of car, included insurance windscreen claim.
  • Body Painting works

Mercedes Benz

  • Free inspection , free consultation advise, affordable/cheap price, Quality works,  for repair jobs.
  • Maintenances works included renew spark plugs, fuel filter, wears and tears items recommended in the manufacturer schedule.
  • Provide 1 stop service, Suspension and under carriage repair
  • Air Conditional system repair and replacements parts
  • Central locking system checking and repairs